PILA's AFL goal posts stand at the MCG, SCG and most major Australian stadiums.


Melbourne Cricket Ground MCG PILA sport AFL goal posts

PILA’s AFL goal posts stand at the MCG, SCG and most major Australian stadiums.

We are the exclusive preferred supplier of AFL goal posts to the AFL and we supply councils, sports clubs, schools and stadiums nationally.

AUSKICK 6 goals / 3 points 62 straight ground sleeves
PRIMARY SCHOOL 7.5 goals / 5 points 80 straight ground sleeves
HIGH SCHOOL 9 goals / 6 points 110 / 80 straight ground sleeves
STATE LEAGUE (budget) 12 goals / 8 points 110 straight ground sleeves
STATE LEAGUE (deluxe) 12 goals / 8 points 110 tapered hinges + bolts
NATIONAL LEAGUE 15 goals / 10 points 125 / 110 tapered hinges + bolts



  • Certified Australian Made (licence #5645)
  • Made to AFL, VFL & Australian Standards
  • 7 Year Manufacturers Structural Warranty
  • 6063 T6 High Tensile Marine Grade Aluminium
  • Tapered posts are machine spun-tapered
  • UV Stabilised Pearl White Powdercoat Finish
  • All bases constructed fom hot dipped galvanised steel
  • Sleeve bases include end caps with security locks
  • Installation instruction guides for all products


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We designed the Australian AFL Size Guide© to help you choose the correct goal posts

PILA AFL Goal Post Size Guide

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Why Should I Buy PILA AFL Goal Posts?

PILA’s AFL goal posts are Australian Made using high quality Australian grade aluminium. Metals not meeting Australian Standards are sub-standard. They can be weak or ill-formed and this can lead to metal fatigue or failure.

Poor quality zinc plated bolts and nuts are seen often on imported goal posts. PILA only uses marine grade aluminium for our goal posts and all parts are either marine grade stainless steel or hot dipped galvanised. They won’t rust.

When you buy an imported goal post, you have no control over quality, warranty, servicing or spare parts. Often the company re-selling an imported goal post can’t help as they are just a middle man, not a goal post manufacturer. They are not experts.

If AFL goal post’s you are considering purchasing seem like a bargain, ask the supplier:

  • Are the goal posts imported and where are they manufactured?
  • Are the posts made from aluminium, not steel (they shouldn’t be)?
  • Are the posts lightweight aluminium that don’t need a crane to install?
  • Are tapered posts step-tapered or machine spun-tapered?
  • Are the bases hot dipped galvanised Australian steel (not zinc plated)?
  • Are the parts and bolts marine grade stainless and hot dipped galvanised (not zinc)?
  • What is the warranty length? And how long do I have to wait for spare parts?
  • Are my goals built to Australian Standards? Show me the certificate of compliance.


PILA’s prices are extremely competitive and our products are world class. Our clients are our reputation and PILA goal posts are used by more than 75% of Australian stadiums.


Raising PILA’s 15m/10m goal posts at the MCG