PILA banner poles - Airlie Beach



Airlie Beach Installs PILA Banner Poles

Airlie Beach Installs PILA Banner Poles and finally local businesses can get back to normal in the tourist hub with the town’s streetscape upgrade complete.

The region’s many events will be showcased on banners flying off the banner poles that line the town’s main shopping strip. Whitsundays gateway and tourism icon Airlie Beach was in dire need of a facelift. Long considered a backpacker town, its recent revamp is hoped to lure more families and couples to the area.

With $20 million injected into the redevelopment, PLACE Design Group Landscape Project Coordinator, Andrew Kramer noted “that the aim of the scheme is to bring the lush, colourful, relaxed, tropical atmosphere, synonymous with Airlie Beach and the islands, into the streetscape and heart of Airlie”.

The Sydney Morning Herald stated that “a new and contemporary streetscape has just been unveiled, rejuvenating what had become an unloved and neglected main strip”. Airlie Beach now boasts a beautiful al-fresco dining corridor lined with stunning PILA banner poles that will be used to brighten the main street as well as inform visitors of current and upcoming events.


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