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ANZ Stadium Chooses PILA

When ANZ Stadium (Stadium Australia) at the Homebush Olympic site in Sydney decided to move their field to accommodate the Soundwave Music Festival, they opted for PILA group’s conversion kit. As one of the few major stadiums in Australia used by different football codes, ANZ Stadium needed an easy to convert system to transform from AFL to rugby league to rugby union. Their tight scheduling can result in two different codes with televised games in the same weekend requiring a very quick change-over.

PILA’s Territory Manager, Shaun Groves explained that “a PILA conversion kit is a user-friendly system designed to comply with OH&S and Work Health Safety standards. Repositioning poles and adding a cross-bar to convert between codes needs to be a simple and quick process and with PILA’s conversion kit it is also aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.”

In order to fulfil their scheduling, ANZ Stadium needed to reconfigure the field to accommodate the Soundwave Music Festival. You may recall the 30th Annual Charity Shield between the Dragons and Rabbitohs included a giant stage at the southern end. The pitch was moved approximately 10m north with the halfway line shifted to aisle 129 in order for a stage to be erected in time for the Festival held just 2 days after the match.

With the field moved, PILA group’s Reece Wooldridge and team installed the new footings and goal posts in time for the Charity Shield, with our quality lightweight goal posts easily removed and stored off-field for the Festival leaving head curator, Graeme Logan, pleased with the result.

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