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Baw Baw Council Turns Banner Poles into Profit

Councils have long recognised the aesthetic benefits of banner poles within their communities, especially as a streetscape enhancement. It is rare to find a town or city in Australia bereft of an elegant row of banner poles proudly promoting the community’s events or features.

And now more and more councils are beginning to recognise the lucrative revenue source that their banner poles can provide. Baw Baw Shire in central Victoria has discovered this profitable use for banner poles. With the purchase of 42 new banner poles to be installed across the region, Baw Baw Council turns Banner Poles into profit.

When the council is not using the flag poles to promote their own events or activities, the flag poles are available for lease to community organisations and for eligible local business use. Keeping a tight control over the standard of the banners flown from their banner poles, the council provides strict guidelines for users to follow, including no ripped or faded banners.

According to their website: “The Council offers a flags and banners program, which provides a strong visual impact, showcasing your event and ensuring it is recognisable, as well as creating vibrancy and enhancing community pride in Baw Baw Shire.”

Bright, colourful banners fluttering in the wind add warmth to a main street or entertainment district. Their movement attracts the eye, allowing locals and visitors to learn about upcoming or current festivals, functions, events or celebrations. They are also a wonderful addition over the festive season with Christmas and New Year banners a cheery part of the street decorations. For councils it’s a win-win as they can brighten up their community while generating income.

PILA’s 6m banner flag poles were a cost-effective and easy solution for Baw Baw Shire. No special equipment or machinery is required to change the banners.

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