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Dawesville RSL Installs PILA Flag Poles

When Fred Abbott of Dawesville RSL in WA contacted PILA, all he wanted was to buy flag poles for the 99th Anzac Day ceremony. What he got was a demonstration of PILA’s customer service creating the story that was ‘Dawesville RSL Installs PILA Flag Poles’.

In an Anzac-esque act of mateship and a nod to the local New Zealand expat community of Dawesville, the local RSL decided to install new flag poles at the Dawesville War Memorial.

In 2010 Fred Abbott from the Dawesville RSL researched for the best company to provide the new flag poles for their War Memorial and found PILA. With Anzac Day approaching, Fred finalised his order in February and PILA freighted the flag poles across Australia to Dawesville in the beautiful Mandurah region south of Perth.

Unfortunately one of the flag poles incurred some damage, warranting a replacement. The same day Fred phoned to report the damage, PILA had a new flag pole dispatched en-route to Dawesville.

In an unprecedented situation, the replacement flag pole was also damaged in transit. According to Fred it was a “little drama”, but PILA made sure that the replacement’s replacement was sent immediately and 3rd time lucky, the flag pole arrived without issue.

It’s a fact of life that things beyond our control will happen; it’s what we do with these situations that characterise who we are. PILA demonstrated that when problems arise we deal with them swiftly and effectively. Fred said that they were “thrilled with PILA’s understanding and allowance, not playing hardball… we’re just rapt!”

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