Sydney Swans Farrer Memorial Agriculture HS PILA AFL goal posts



Farrer excited by Swans and Goal Posts

Mid February saw Sydney Swans pair Ben McGlynn and Marty Mattner take a whirlwind trip of Tamworth and its schools. Part of their trip involved venturing to Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School to test out its newly-erected AFL goal posts with some eager students.

The PILA group supplied goal posts are the first of the kind to be donated by AFL NSW/ACT outside of the NSW metropolitan region.  The aim of the program is to make the game of AFL more accessible by kids all over the state.

With the North West of NSW considered a rugby league heartland it is hoped the visit by the Swans players and the donation of the goal posts, to the tune of $4000, will help to spread the word about AFL.

This set of PILA goal posts is just the second set of goals in the town and it is hoped that this will help to promote a new junior competition and AusKick programs in the region.

To see the goal posts in action click here.

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