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FFA Uses PILA Portable Football Goal Posts for National Youth Championships

Northern NSW Football is once again hosting the Football Federation Australia (FFA) National Youth Championships in Coffs Harbour and PILA portable football (soccer) goal posts have been chosen as the product of choice for BCU Stadium in Coffs Harbour, where the event will be held.

After a highly successful three years hosting the Championships from 2006-08, the FFA have granted Northern NSW the rights to continue hosting the Championships at this outstanding venue again in 2009.

The FFA National Championships will be held in Coffs Harbour from the 7th to the 14th of July, displaying the best junior and youth players in Australia. The tournament acts as a huge stepping-stone in confidence for young players as they prepare to take on the best young talent this country has to offer.

The tournament will be held over eight competition days and will consist of 10 teams who will be split into two groups. Day one through to five, each team will play four games and have one day as a bye. The top two teams will qualify for the semi finals which will be held on day six, while on day seven, the other squads will have a separate playoff tournament and at the end of the day, the losers of the semi-finals will play for third and fourth place. The final day (day eight) will have the grand final after which the winning team will be presented as the Australian champions.

Coffs Harbour City Council who controls BCU International Stadium chose PILA goal posts for their quality as PILA have previously supplied goal posts for the FFA for events including the Socceroos’ Go Solo launch. The quality facilities at BCU International Stadium will once again host the best young male and female footballers from around Australia using PILA football goal posts.

PILA’s portable football goal posts goals are manufactured in accordance with Australian and European Standards and have been designed for everyday use and comply with the appropriate safety and sports competition standards.

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