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PILA Flag Poles MCA art installation on the Sydney Harbour foreshore

PILA’S flag poles stand at Mercedes, Subaru and Ford, Novotel, McDonalds, Google, Mitre 10 and Ikea. We supplied flag poles for the Sydney Olympic and Melbourne Commonwealth Games.


6m Flag Pole

Straight or tapered tube in 80mm diameter

External halyard, internal halyard or banner arm

Ground sleeve or bolt down hinge base

Suit 1.8m x 0.9m flag or 2.5m x 0.8m banner

7.5m Flag Pole

Straight or tapered tube in 80mm diameter

External halyard, internal halyard or banner arm

Ground sleeve or bolt down hinge base

Suit 1.8m x 0.9m flag or 2.5m x 0.8m banner

9m Flag Pole

Straight or tapered tube in 110mm diameter

External halyard, internal halyard or banner arm

Ground sleeve or bolt down hinge base

Suit 2.7m x 1.35m flag or 3m x 1m banner




  • 6063 T6 high-tensile marine grade aluminium
  • UV-stabilised gloss-white powderoated finish
  • Marine grade parts, fittings and rope halyard
  • Hot dipped galvanised steel base (not zinc plated)


  • Upgrade from an external to an internal rope halyard
  • Upgrade from a sleeve base to a bolt down hinge base
  • Upgrade from a straight tube to a spun-tapered tube
  • Change from a rope halyard to a banner arm for advertising


  • 7 year manufacturers warranty
  • Express weekly delivery nationally
  • Full professional technical support
  • 100% Australian Made Certification
  • Constructed to Australian Standards
  • Installation and assembly guides included
  • No machinery required for sleeve or hinge base installation


PILA’s flag poles are manufactured using one of only 4 specialised tapering machines in Australia and traditional spun-tapered tube is available as an optional upgrade.

Flag poles feature a rope halyard designed to fly a horizontal flag using a traditional external or vandal-proof internal rope halyard.

It is important to observe correct protocol in flag raising ceremonies. When purchasing a flag pole, attention should be paid to correct sizing for the site, flag pole positioning and the number of flag poles required.

PILA’s flag poles stand at memorials, RSL clubs, military facilities, local government offices, embassies, parliamentary buildings and schools, universities, hospitals, police, fire and ambulance stations, hotels and resorts, and car dealerships. Our clients include the National Capital Authority, Department of Defence, the City of Sydney and McDonalds.


Banner poles a feature banner arm designed to fly a vertical banner. PILA offers 2 styles of banner arms; a rotating banner arm kit with no rope halyard and a rotating windspin banner arm and internal halyard kit.

The rotating banner arm is a cost effective option for those requiring a good quality, simple banner pole. You would normally add a hinge base to a pole to make changing the banners as easy as possible.

The rotating windspin banner arm with internal halyard allows the banner to be lowered  and changed from the ground without lowering the pole.

PILA’s banner poles include a rotating finial, reducing stress on the pole, wear on the banner, and allowing the banner to track with the wind without tangling.

Banner poles are a simple, attractive and cost effective advertising tool that works for you 24 hours a day and can easily be updated with a quick change of banners. All PILA banner poles feature bases that allow developers take their banner poles to the next site, giving an excellent return on investment. Local government install banner poles in prominent locations and rent them to local businesses or community groups, creating a healthy additional income stream.


We don’t service or repair old flag poles but we do supply a range of spare parts for current model poles. Most servicing can be done yourself or with the help of a handyman. We recommend replacing aluminium flag poles approximately every 10 years to avoid metal fatigue. Metal fatigue is simply a matter of time and in aluminium is not visible on inspection. The only way to accurately determine if aluminium has metal fatigue is an x-ray test, which is very expensive, so replacing old poles is the safest option.



A PILA group brand. Established in 1984, ACE is one of Australia’s most well-known aluminium flag pole manufacturers. ACE has supplied many of Australia’s largest and most prestigious flag pole projects including the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the National Capital Authority in Canberra and the ANZAC bridge.


A PILA group brand. Premier Poles is a manufacturer of budget flag and banner poles often seen at car dealer ships and land developments in large clusters, and at residential homes


For printed flags and banners, contact Flagworld: 1800 135 247 or www.flagworld.com.au