Noosa’s Weyba Rd Passes Safety Audit



Noosa’s Weyba Rd Passes Safety Audit

Article published on Noosa AFC

In April 2014 AFLQ carried out a facilities audit of the QFA North Clubs. The audits provided a comparative overview of the facilities provided. The audit covered the following areas

  • Quality of Playing Surface (out of 25 points)
  • Cricket pitch (5)
  • Size of playing field (15)
  • Match day lighting (6)
  • Interchange + Coaches Boxes (8)
  • Goal Posts (2)
  • Player/Officials amenities (20)
  • Public Amenities (7)
  • Technology (6)
  • Access (6)

Noosa finished with 59/100 points, behind Caboolture (85), Maroochydore (74), Aspley (68) but ahead of Kedron (58), Mayne (57), Caloundra (52) and Nambour (43).

Those areas Weyba Rd “failed” on included

  • Ground surface where the grass coverage was patchy and drainage was deemed to be a problem.  Weyba Rd only scored 9/25 and was the only ground in the competition to not get a pass.
  • The goal posts were below State League standard. As reported, in an earlier story, AFLQ, Noosa Council and PILA group have arranged for new goal posts to be installed in the coming weeks.  In this area we were joined by Mayne and Nambour who also had non standard posts.
  • Technology, as we have no dedicated stats or media boxes nor an electronic scoreboards. Only three clubs passed this area.


PILA’s 12m / 8m Competition AFL goal posts helped Noosa’s Weyba Road Oval pass their safety audit to become compliant for State League level competition. Read more here. PILA can help you choose the right size AFL goal posts for your field.

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