PILA’s Rugby League and Union goal posts stand at the MCG, SCG, ANZ, Suncorp and most major Australian stadiums

Our aluminium goal posts meet ARL, NRL, ARU and Australian Standards and are backed by a 7 year structural warranty. We supply councils, sports clubs, schools and stadiums nationally
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ANZ Stadium NRL Premiership


SIZES: To help you choose the correct goal posts for your needs, we designed the Australian Rugby Guide© featuring the 3 sizes of goal posts we manufacture.


Mini (6 – 9 Years) – Sleeve Base 6m
Junior (9 – 12 Years) – Sleeve Base 7.5m
Senior (High School) – Sleeve Base 9m
Competition (State League) – Sleeve OR Hinge Base 12m
Stadium (National League) – Hinge Base 15m



BASES: Once you’ve decided on your goal post size, you can choose a base option. We sell two types of bases: a spigot base with ground sleeve, or a hinge base with bolt kit.

Most posts are sold with a spigot and sleeve as it is cost effective, easy to install and allows the goals to be quickly removed in the off-season. Our ground sleeves come complete with security locks.

Hinge bases are great for safely lowering and removing larger State and National League posts.

All PILA bases are manufactured from Australian grade steel and are hot dipped galvanised.

POSTS: PILA goal posts are constructed from 6063 T6 high-tensile marine grade aluminium with a UV-stabilised gloss-white powderoated finish. Put simply,  this means the aluminium is durable, structural and low-maintenance.

In the junior sizes the posts are constructed from straight tube (untapered) and in the senior and stadium sizes the posts are spun-tapered using one of only 4 specialised spin-tapering machines in Australia. This traditional method of manufacturing has been used to provide an elegant and traditional goal post design for decades.


  • 6063 T6 high-tensile marine grade aluminium
  • UV-stabilised gloss-white powderoated finish
  • Straight tube for 6m – 9m posts
  • Tapered tube for 12m – 15m posts
  • Adjustable crossbar bracket system for accurate leveling


  • 7 year manufacturers warranty
  • Express weekly delivery nationally
  • Full professional technical support
  • 100% Australian Made Certification
  • Locally made with a full range of spare parts available


  • ARL, NRL & ARU compliant goal posts
  • Constructed to relevant Australian Standards
  • Hot dipped galvanised steel for all bases (not zinc plated)
  • Stainless steel or galvanised bolts and fasteners (not zinc plated)
  • Solid aluminium brackets (not cast alloy)



  • Lightweight construction – easy to install
  • No machinery required for sleeve or hinge base installation
  • Complete installation & assembly guides

WHY PILA? Additional to the structural benefits included in our goal posts, we provide quality customer service and product support, express national delivery every week, full installation and assembly guides and a 100% Australian Made guarantee.