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Straight AFL Goal Posts Easily Achieved for GWS at Showground Stadium by PILA

While it’s somewhat acceptable for your average AFL field to have oddly angled goal posts, a professional level stadium would look foolish if their AFL goal posts were crooked. Even a slight lean in the wrong direction could mean the difference between your team scoring a goal or what would have been a 6 pointer being deemed 1 point. And imagine how it would look on screen – it doesn’t require a very large angle of difference from flush for those 15m high goal posts to look splayed.

Using goal posts that cannot be levelled in their ground sleeves leads to skewing and can cause headaches for your grounds staff. While minor adjustments could be made it’s not really accurate and your goal posts can be left looking angled and unparallel. Being able to make the finer tuning adjustment in the ground sleeves means that goal posts will be truly straight the first time.

PILA group’s Managing Director, Reece Wooldridge, was hands-on with the major install at Sydney Showground Stadium (Spotless Stadium), customising AFL goal posts to fit the existing footings. Reece worked in with their schedule to avoid ground time loss, and was able to marry up the square bolt cage onto the in-ground spigot base which goes into the ground sleeve. PILA’s 4-bolt system makes levelling easier with a ground sleeve install technique using the adjustable floating nut on each corner.

By game day on Saturday 24 May 2014, GWS’s primary home ground was ready for play with their magnificent new PILA AFL goal posts levelled to perfection. Hopefully they will bring them better luck in their future games.

Learn more about the importance of levelling goal posts in their ground sleeves by contacting PILA.

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