Sydney Swans Unveil PILA Goals at School

Sydney Swans Luke Parker and Lewis Jetta visited Gladesville Public School to unveil new goal posts. Gladesville Public School played host to Sydney Swans players Luke Parker and Lewis Jetta when they attended the official unveiling of the school’s newly installed goal posts. Gladesville Public School was a successful applicant in the Swans Goal Post Initiative, which gave five lucky schools the opportunity to receive a complimentary set of goal posts to install on the school grounds. Students from Year 3-6 enjoyed a skills session with the Swans players, and players from local junior football club Drummoyne Power were also involved in the activities.

Swans player Luke Parker said the Swans Goal Post Initiative was a great way for Sydney kids to get involved in AFL. “Growing up in Victoria there were footy ovals everywhere, it was really easy for us to play at lunchtime,” he said. “It’s good to see that a lot more NSW kids are getting to play the game at an early age”

Swans teammate Lewis Jetta said the goal posts will give kids a chance to try a new sport. “It’s great to get the kids enjoying footy; coming from Sydney they may not have had the opportunity to play AFL so this is a good way to get them into it,” he said. The goal post program was designed to give kids the opportunity to play AFL at school during the most exciting year of AFL in Sydney.

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