PILA flag poles - Governor Phillip Lookout




A new 18m flag pole has been erected at Governor Phillip Lookout at Beacon Hill to replace the one damaged in a severe storm that battered Sydney.

The new flag pole is thicker, stronger and taller than its 15m PILA predecessor. Governor Phillip Lookout Reserve Trust chairman Gary Wallis said the flag pole had been missed by trust members and local residents. “It is great to see the flag pole up again,” he said.

Governor Phillip Lookout at Beacon Hill, on Sydney’s coastline, is one of the highest points in the Sydney basin and has fantastic coastal, city and mountain views. The Australian National Flag can now be seen from many more vantage points than previously and it is known as the highest flag pole in Sydney.

The PILA site team drove the flag pole to site and used  a 4WD truck to haul it up the narrow bush track to the top. Once in place the sectioned pole was raised into place on its hinge base.

The reserve is crown land managed by the reserve trust. Members of the organisation are volunteers. Among the group’s roles is organising the function in the reserve on Australia Day.

The current crown land reserve trust board was appointed in 2014 and comprises seven people appointed by the Minister for Lands.

Mr Wallis said a Facebook page for the reserve had been established. It provides regular updates and features on the historical aspects of the site.

PILA has installed flag poles on and around many prominent memorial sites nationally. For expert advice on flag poles, contact us today.

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