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The SCG Chooses PILA

The heritage listed Members Pavilion at the world-famous SCG may now be dwarfed alongside the new stands built to accommodate the SCG’s growing popularity, but its beauty, legacy and tradition live on. The SCG Trust has done a marvellous job maintaining and developing the SCG “into a respected sacred site of Australian sport” and now the SCG Members Pavilion Sports PILA’s Flag Poles.

Crowning the top of the Members Pavilion is the clock tower mounted by a flag pole proudly bearing our national flag. With time and the ongoing stresses caused by the weather, the flag pole’s rope had become frayed and was catching on the clock’s hands. Needing expert advice in the matter, SCG Head Curator, Tom Parker, turned to PILA’s Managing Director, Reece Wooldridge. Reece and Tom’s relationship extends back to the late 1990’s and Tom’s faith in Reece’s expertise and product quality lead to the installation of PILA’s goal posts at the SCG.

Keeping the flag poles in aesthetic and safe working order is an important part of maintaining the heritage listed site, so no time was wasted in setting about the task. Reece inspected the ropes and discovered that it was not just the ropes but that all the flag poles were due for replacement due to structural issues. Reece was involved end-to-end, even repairing the roof cavity where water damage had caused rotting and splintering, making the base for the flag poles more stable.

With the help of Botany Cranes, Reece installed a new 12m flag pole on the clock tower and two new 9m flag poles on either side along the roof, adding new deck tights and sealing them to weather-proof the bases.

Flying the Australian flag is obviously top of the list at a national sporting ground, and the flag pole it is flown from holds a special honour. PILA is extremely proud to claim that the flag poles adorning a significant and world renowned location such as the SCG Members Pavilion are ours thanks to our strong reputation for supplying the safest poles to fly flags for pride, patriotism and promotion.

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